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Audi A1

  • 1400x438_AA1_D_141010_1.jpg

1.0 TFSI 5-speed
289,200.00 ZAR

  • Basic price
    286,000.00 ZAR
  • Optional equipment
    3,200.00 ZAR
  • Price
    289,200.00 ZAR

True greatness in every detail.

Whether you want more sportiness, more functionality or more music - with genuine Audi accessories you can enhance your Audi A1 to even better effect. What is your next goal? Make a spontaneous decision and be inspired by the range of accessories.

Complete wheels and cast aluminum wheels

Please note that genuine Audi accessories complete wheels (with tyres) and cast aluminum wheels (without tyres) are configured in addition to those already selected under "Exterior".