CEO Markus Duesmann: “We need a fossil-free society”

CEO Markus Duesmann: “We need a fossil-free society”

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Ingolstadt, December 10, 2021 – How can the German automotive industry spearhead the electric revolution? How do traditional OEMs measure up against new competitors? Is the right political framework in place and how does the current coalition agreement fit in given the current situation? These questions were the focus of a panel discussion featuring Hildegard Müller (German Association of the Automotive Industry, VDA), transport expert Prof. Stefan Bratzel (CAM), Wolf-Henning Scheider (ZF Group) and Markus Duesmann at the Climate Conference co-hosted by “Spiegel” and BCG. The conference will be broadcast on on December 3. Markus Duesmann’s answers were to the point.

On electromobility…

› “Climate change is caused by the fossil fuels we’re extracting from the ground. That has to stop. We need a fossil-free society.”
› “E-cars are by far the most efficient technology in propelling us toward an electricity-based society.”
› “Plug-in hybrid technology bridges the gap, smoothing the transition to all-electric driving. As such, it still has a place for the next few years. That said, the goal to reach must be 100 percent e-cars. Only that means we’re carbon neutral.”

On charging infrastructure…

› “Audi is investing in electric vehicles, and that means we are also investing in charging infrastructure. Wherever there are cars, there has to be the charging infrastructure. We really can’t overdo it when it comes to creating this charging infrastructure. Maybe it’ll be even more convenient than today’s gas stations. I’m convinced that governments and companies together can get us there.”

On competitiveness…

› “Technology is key to solving the world’s problems. The Volkswagen Group has the financial clout to provide answers to all these technological questions. That’s why I have no doubt that we – Germany, the German automotive industry and the Volkswagen Group – stand a good chance of still being number one in ten years’ time.”
› “We are still in a strong position in China and the Volkswagen Group is the market leader there. So, I’m not worried about the future, but we are keeping a close eye on what’s going on there. After all, e-mobility also offers new competitors the chance to showcase pretty decent cars.”